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Lotus en fleurs

Natural green rutilated quartz, black/green obsidian gemstones, natural magnetic stones and stainless steel. Size 18cm

Model: Ideogram I

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  • Bracelet made of: Natural green rutilated quartz, black/green Obsidian, natural magnetic hematite stones and stainless steel. Size: 18 cm. Stones thickness 12 mm.

    A Rutilated Quartz acts as a beacon of light and elevates your consciousness. With a powerful angelic energy, this crystal works to evoke your deepest imagination and open your mind to new perceptions. Whilst this sounds very exciting, this crystal and a peaceful night's sleep might not go hand in hand.

    Many think the earth's core is made of hematite. Hematite is good at blocking negative thoughts and vibes, and it helps you take focused and practical steps forward.

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